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Rappin’ Legal: Everything You Need to Know

Rappin’ Legal: Everything You Need to Know

Yo, listen up, I got the info you need
About license plate laws in Illinois, that’s where you gotta be

Wonderin’ if Flex Jobs is legit? You’ll find out soon
I got the 411 for you, I’ll spill the truth like a cartoon

If you need a form to change your will executor
I’ll hook you up, no need to be a protester

Ever wondered ‘bout psychoactive drugs in Canada?
I got the lowdown for you, so chillax and have a banana

Heard ‘bout the Ukraine-US nuclear agreement?
Stay right here, I’ll give you some enlightenment

Got a Father’s Day message for your father-in-law? I’m your guy
I’ll help you out, no need to be shy

Need a sample business agreement letter? I got your back
Don’t worry, I got the know-how, I won’t give you no flack

Lookin’ for free legal aid in Bucks County, PA?
I’ll lead you to the help you need, I won’t lead you astray

Need a family law attorney in Bakersfield, California?
I know just the right person, I got no time for hysteria

And if you’re curious about zero hour contracts and refusin’ the hours
I’ll break it down for you, no need for flowers