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Legal Beats: A Rhyme on Legal Matters

Yo, listen up, ‘cause I got a story to tell
About legal matters and how to do well
With your ITIN and the documents it needs
So go on, get ‘em, just follow this lead
It’s time to get started, no time to be slow
Get those docs in order, and away you go
Now let’s talk courts in South Africa, oh so grand
There’s different types, you got to understand
From the High Court to the Magistrate’s too
They all serve justice, for me and for you
If you’re thinking ‘bout armed robbery and the law
You better think again before you break that jaw
The UK law is clear, it won’t cut you slack
So stay on the right side and keep on track
Crafting a personal statement to be a lawyer
It’s not easy, but it’s not bad, not in the foyer
Just follow these tips, and you’ll be alright
Your statement will shine, in the day and the night
When you’re in need, and you’re feeling so low
Just reach out and call the legal line, don’t be slow
The contact details are there, for you to see
They’ll help you out, just wait and you’ll see
For legal professionals, a legal set’s a must
It’s got all you need, it’s a legal pro’s trust
Make sure you’re stocked, for the work you’ll do
With a legal set, you’ll be good, through and through
Beneficial ownership, rule of 2018
Sounds like a mouthful, but it’s not too mean or too meanly keen
Just understand this rule, and you’ll be okay
It’s not too complex, just keep it in play
Sand mining agreement, a guide you must see
To make sure you’re legal and mining so free
Follow the guidelines, don’t step out of line
And with the agreement, you’ll do just fine
With KS judicial council forms, you’ll find your way
To access the documents, no more delay
Just click that link, and you’ll get what you need
The forms will be there, and you’ll be freed
Now, if a law internship’s what you’re aiming for
Make sure to prepare, don’t just shut the door
Follow these tips, and you’ll be just fine
With a little prep, your star’s bound to shine